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Webstarts Review

So you’ve decided you want to make a website, perhaps for a business or something more personal. If you’re new to building websites you might by scratching your head and wondering what’s the best option. for you. And while there are plenty of site builders to choose from such as Wix, or Weebly for example, one place you should check out is Webstarts website builder. 

So what makes Webstarts so special?

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people choose to use Webstarts as their website builder is that it’s extremely easy to use. Their all about simplifying the website building process. It offers a very user friendly user interface that everyone from a beginner to expert will have no problem navigating. Pictures, video, text, and widgets are easy to insert resize and move around your pages. As long as you can copy and paste some HTML code you can build a website on Webstarts.

While Webstarts does offer a free service I recommend spending the money and going for their paid service. The free service only allows a maximum of 5 pages and doesn’t allow HTML support. Where their pro plus membership you can create unlimited pages and have full access to HTML and 5000 MB of storage space for your website.

The cost for a yearly membership ranges from about 60 to 85 U.S dollars a year (Depending on where you live in the world this might cost you a bit more depending on your currencies exchange rate) but still makes it reasonable. They also offer free advertising for your website by offering for pro and pro plus members. Pro members get 75 dollars in free advertising from Google and Facebook, pro plus members get 150.

Another useful feature that Webstarts provides is the shear amount of video tutorials on their blog. They show in easy to follow detail how to do everything from creating a link to another website, to creating a blog, using their SEO tools. If you have a question about something they probably have a video showing you how do it.

And now for the bad

All that being said there are some problems with Webstarts that you should be aware of before you opt in and spend money to build a website with them.

The first and most common problem from what I’ve seen is the problem of overlapping text. You have to be careful how you place the text on your pages as well as the size of text you use. This doesn’t seem to be so much a problem on newer computers with operating systems such as Windows Vista, 7 or the latest Mac OS (I don’t own a Mac so I don’t know what their latest operating system is) but with older computers this can be a real issue. It’s a good idea if you’re going to use Webstarts to test your site by visiting it on a different computer to see if it’s working the way it should be.

Another big problem with Webstarts seems to be an overall lack of communication between Webstarts and its users. They removed their online chat support which was exceptionally handy and opted to just have email and phone support. It’s also important to mention that phone support only appears to be available to pro and pro plus members, free accounts have to resort to email support only. I don’t know about you but living outside the United States I don’t feel particularly inclined to spend almost a dollar a minute to call a 1-800 number to fight to understand a service person outsourced from India, so I stick with email support when I have a question and concern. For me this service is decent with a rep from Webstarts replying within a couple hours to half a day. Though I have heard horror stories of never hearing back to them taking weeks to respond.

The last problem is the limited number of design options. Webstarts only has about 94 different templates. Many of these templates have different color schemes to choose from. But to be honest most of their templates look pretty much identical. However the good news is that you can opt to create your website from scratch and add your own background, men bars, color scheme and place your page items wherever you want.

Overall Webstarts is a pretty decent web builder and one you should consider looking at if you’re currently looking to build a website. To visit Webstarts and see if it’s something you would want to use you can click on the link here
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webstarts review
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